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Mental Health Matters. Spend Time in Your Garden

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Gardening is excellent for mental health improvement and physical health

Did you know that spending time in your garden can boost mental health? If you don’t have a garden, then you can count on us, the landscaping professionals to transform your outdoor living space. We’re living in uncertain, unsteady times, but you still have the benefits of enjoying your outdoor living space. Staying at home is mandatory unless you have to leave out for essential reasons, but who says that you can’t spend time in your garden? Being around nature helps with mental health, and we’re going to explain why. Read on to learn more. 

Gardening is Excellent for Physical Health and Mental Health 

A lot of people are aware of the physical health benefits that gardening has. It’s an excellent workout, but it improves your general well-being as well. Mental health conditions, such as OCD, depression, and anxiety, affect many Americans. Even if you’re not experiencing these conditions, you may find yourself highly stressed during these times. Something as simple as spending time in your garden can have a positive effect on your mental and emotional health. Relaxing on the lawn or spending time in your pool is a perfect way to reduce stress. A little vitamin D goes a long way. 

Spending Time In Your Garden Reduces Stress Levels

David Strayer, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Utah, has proven that nature has a calming effect on people. Strayer stated that when you slow down and take in the beauty of natural surroundings, that not only can you feel refreshed, but mental health performance improves as well. Being immersed in nature reduces cortisol, the hormone that causes stress. 

Time Outside Increases Happiness 

Researchers at Stanford University stress the importance of spending time outdoors. Why? Because those who do experience reduced anxiety and rumination, and feel happier overall. Researchers at Stanford University have also stated that nature needs to be within cities to bring urban residents the benefits of improved mental health. 

Other benefits of spending time in nature include increased memory and attention span. When we slow down, we focus more. Now you know why people say “stop and smell the roses“. Today we encourage you to spend some time in your garden, relax, and breathe. 


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