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How to Match Your New Patio to Your Landscape

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There are many creative ways to match your landscape with your new patio.

When incorporating a new patio area into your landscape design, just like any other area, you need to consider the style or kind of design your backyard or garden area has, or will have when you’re done. It sounds simple, but choosing furniture, whether indoors or out, can be hard because there is so much criteria such as: materials, style, comfort, and space. When choosing a style of patio furniture, make sure it matches the materials of your landscape and your home.

Popular Design Trends

One of the most popular design trends for incorporating your patio into your landscape design is to emphasize visual diversity. So, for example, if your patio pavers are a geometric shape, you may want to consider curvy, flowing designs for your furniture or other patio installations, to add some eye-catching contrast. You might also think about using an array of planters for flowers or plants, as opposed to trying to match all of your patio landscaping. Another popular trend is adding more greenery, so there is a more natural feel. Consider planting shrubs or arranging potted flowers or plants directly adjacent to your patio, so the natural landscape feels like it’s always within reach of your outdoor living space.

Potential Obstacles

Drainage is one of the major issues landscapers will face when creating a patio due to the fact that level flat surfaces are few and far between in most regions. One task that is crucial for doing a patio right is making sure that the soil is laid properly. No matter how good the product is on top, if the base is done incorrectly it will appear eventually. It is important to take into consideration factors like changing elevations, the transition from the house, where the sun will hit portions of it and where are the underground utilities. The more extravagant features wanted, the more complex the design, including gas lines and wiring. Make sure that the format of your patio design not only reflects your style, but ensures future ease of maintenance and there’s no sense in throwing good money after bad, after all!


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