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How to Maintain a Healthy Garden

Healthy-GardenIt is no surprise that beginning a garden is hard work. You must determine what plants and flowers to begin with and you must take great care in helping them grow. Once a garden is successfully established, many homeowners want to work hard to keep their garden healthy, but aren’t necessarily sure how. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy garden.

  • Purchase Healthy Plants- When you decide to introduce new plants into your healthy garden, make sure they are healthy as well. Introducing plants that have insects, dead spots, or rotten stems could create a risk for the other plants within your garden.
  • Be Aware of your Compost- Introducing compost to your garden that has not fully decomposed could leave your plants and flowers vulnerable to diseases. If you cannot be sure that your compost is fully decomposed, avoid using it within your healthy garden.
  • Be Aware of Bugs- As we discussed last week, some bugs are beneficial for your garden. However, those that can harm your healthy garden by eating the leaves of your plants can also introduce viruses and diseases. If you notice harmful bugs within your garden, use a safe product to remove them.
  • Clean Regularly- Removing debris from your garden will not only deter bugs and make your garden appear nicer; it can also decrease the risk of disease in your healthy garden.
  • Disease Resistance- While it is a very rare trait to find in most plants, there are some flowers, like roses, that are resistant to diseases like black spot and mildew. Look for codes on the back of seed packets to determine if the plant or flower is resistant to diseases.
  • Partner with your Landscaper- Talk with your landscaper or garden specialist from Evergreen Gene’s to determine way to maintain your healthy garden.


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