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How to Grow a Thick, Luscious Lawn — Lawn Care Tips

lawn care tips

Arm yourself with the knowledge to grow a luscious lawn when it finally warms up outside!

Turns out Punxsutawney Phil is a little liar. Last week he told us that winter was over and spring would be coming soon, and then today we wake up and it’s snowing again! I guess that’s what we get for listening to a rodent for our meteorological advice…. Anyway, history tells us that springtime will come eventually, and when it does, there’s a good chance that your lawn will have suffered some damage from all the cold, snow, and ice that we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with this winter. Once everything finally thaws out, here are some lawn care tips for growing your lawn into the thick, luscious landscape of your dreams.

Prepare the Ground

For your lawn to be happy and healthy, it wants at least 6”-12” of nutrient-rich, non-compacted, well-draining soil. It’s recommended to test your soil at least once every three years to make sure that it has the proper nutrients for growing a healthy lawn. Fertilizing and core-aerating are helpful steps to take prior to seeding to give your lawn the foundation it needs to thrive.

Seeding and Weeding (and Controlling Other Harmful Invaders)

After you’ve prepped your soil, it’s time for seeding. Seems pretty logical that adding grass seed to a sparse lawn will help thicken it up, doesn’t it? However, different situations may require specific seed or specific approaches, so it’s a good idea to ask your favorite lawn care experts (pick us! pick us!) what’s best for your particular lawn. It’s also a good idea to take care of weed and pest treatment while you’re at it, to prevent springtime from bringing unwanted visitors to your beautiful lawn.

Embrace the Elements

No, not the snow and ice elements like we’ve been dealing with over the winter. The sunshine and rain that come with springtime are the ones you’re looking for! Actually, unless it’s raining about 1”-2” each week in your region, you should probably water your lawn occasionally. We recommend heavy watering once every week or so rather than small amounts of water dispersed more frequently. As for the sun, a healthy lawn wants about 4 hours of sun every day, so try to trim trees to allow as much sunlight to hit the grass as possible. If you’d prefer to keep your shady areas shady, there are other landscaping options to fill out those less-thick areas of the yard.

Hopefully you’ll get to start on these lawn care tips sooner rather than later. Once it warms up, start growing your lawn to enjoy as soon as possible!

Growing Your Lawn with Evergreen Gene’s!

In 1954, Evergreen Gene’s opened its doors in Glen Burnie, MD. The store functioned as a garden center that offered landscaping, lawn maintenance and hardscaping services. When you walk into our store, the selection of trees, flowers and other shrubbery will amaze you. Our inventory has anything that a horticulturist like yourself could possibly want.

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