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Lawn Preparation for Spring

A newly mowed back gardenSpring is right around the corner and the time has come to start getting ready for your lawn’s big debut. There are a few things to consider during this planning period.

Dust off those tools.

Before we even talk about the lawn itself, it’s time to think about what kinds of tools your lawn will need during its peak season. Your lawnmower has probably been sitting in your garage or shed all winter long and may need to be cleaned. You may also need to top off the gas tank while you’re at it. Make sure you also have a good rake on hand in the event that your mower doesn’t have a bag attachment so that you can collect the mowed grass. It’s also good to make sure your broom is ready as well to sweep up any leftover leaves as the weather warms up. Just for fun, you can also prepare a bird feeder for the birds returning from their migration. If you plan on reviving your garden this spring you should also make sure you have all the hand tools you may need.

Soil is the foundation you need.

Good growth starts with good soil, so it might be time to dig in and find out if you need some replacement. Clay is your enemy when looking to grow a beautiful lawn, so go ahead and examine your soil for hard-packed clay. If you are feeling particularly attentive you can always add some compost to your lawn to give it a little boost. You should definitely add some to your garden.

Seeding and watering are essential.

When the snow melts you are probably going to find your lawn quite dead. Your grass may naturally come back to you, but in the event of dead patches that won’t revive you can replant some grass seeds. Once you are ready to help your lawn grow into its full potential you should fire up your sprinkler systems or break out your hose attachments. All lawns could use a good drink of water periodically to remain in good health.

If you think you’re ready to begin reviving your lawn go ahead and call Evergreen Gene’s at 410.766.6877. You can also contact us on through our website: http://www.evergreengenes.com

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