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Lawn Care Tips To Kick-Off Spring

Mowing lawn

learn how to care for your lawn once spring comes around.

Spring is officially here which means you need to start repairing your lawn from the freezing conditions of winter.  Right now is the perfect time to start caring for your lawn so that you will have luscious, green grass.  It is important to take care of your lawn so that you can be kind to the environment and that you can enhance the look of your entire property.  Fortunately, there are few simple tips you can follow so that you can have a healthy lawn in the spring throughout the rest of the year.

Clean It Up

When caring for your lawn, it is best to start with cleaning up any debris or trash.  You want to start with clean and bare lawn before you truly care for it. Take out your rake and pile up any leaves or other types of debris.  Make sure that you get rid of any dead grass patches, and you dispose of them appropriately. Once your lawn is clean and dead grass free, you can start care for it and grow new grass.

Feed Grass and Prevent Weeds

One of the most important steps in caring for your lawn is to prevent weeds from growing and feeding your grass.  If you want to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn, then apply a weed preventer product all over your lawn. Only apply this type of product if your lawn is prone to weeds.  If your lawn is free of weed growth, then you should apply a lawn feed all over the area so that you can grow healthy grass.

Apply Mulch

A great addition to any lawn is mulch which comes in a variety of types from hay to compost.  Mulch is effective at preventing weeds and is great at adding moisture to the soil. If you want a healthy lawn and soil, then think about applying mulch at the beginning of spring.


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