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Lawn Aeration Makes the Most of the Fall Growing Season

lawn aeration

If you have dead spots like this in your lawn, aeration may be just what it needs.

For many different types of grasses, fall is the prime growing season. The cool weather and moderate rainfall make it the perfect time of year to spruce up those brown or bare spots in your lawn. The best way to make sure your lawn is getting what it needs to recover from another harsh summer is lawn aeration. Here’s how you can benefit from a professional lawn maintenance service coming out and aerating your lawn.

How It Works

To aerate your lawn a machine is used that pokes small holes into the soil. These small holes help get fresh air and water to the roots of your grass. Over time your soil gets compacted to the point that it’s difficult for water and nutrients to penetrate it. Aeration will help loosen the soil and break up any thatch build up that may be preventing water from absorbing. After having lawn aeration done in your yard, you will notice small holes for the next few days.

What It Helps

Besides helping the water and air your lawn needs to survive in, lawn aeration also helps maximize the fertilizing and seeding that helps it thrive. Since, like we mentioned, fall is a prime growing time for grass, laying new seed and fertilizer during the season is an absolute must to ensure your lawn comes in lush and green next spring.

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