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Keep Your Lawn Mower Running Smooth

Lawn mower maintenance

Make sure your lawn mower is well maintained so you can get out there and start cutting this spring.

Last week we wrote all about how to mow your lawn like the professionals on MLB grounds crews — but we realized something! None of that matters if your lawn mower isn’t even working properly! So we wanted to come back this week with some lawn mower maintenance tips to make sure that your machine is cutting safely and efficiently. It’ll be spring before long and your grass will start growing like crazy, so make sure your mower is in good shape before that first cut of the season.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips from Evergreen Gene’s


  • Cleaning: You should check regularly to ensure that you aren’t accumulating a buildup of grass clippings and other debris underneath the shield surrounding the blades, or on the blades themselves. If too much buildup occurs, there will be a significant decrease in the efficiency of the mower. If it gets really bad and the blade or rotor gets jammed up, the results could get very dangerous.
  • Storage: An insulated garage or shed makes for a great place to store your lawn mower to protect it from rain, humidity, and extreme temperatures, all of which can be harmful to your mower’s life span. You might even want to spring for a cover, which can be purchased online or at local hardware stores. The additional cost will pay for itself in prolonging the life of your lawn mower.
  • Engine Checks: Just like your car, you should periodically check your engine to make sure that there are no clogs and that all fluid levels are where they need to be. Failure to maintain oil levels is another potential safety hazard in the case of engine malfunction.
  • Nuts and Bolts: It’s simple enough to overlook — make sure that your mower isn’t falling apart. If you’re starting to notice any unusual or excessive shaking, or even as part of routine maintenance, make sure that all nuts and bolts are as tight as can be.
  • Blades: For the sake of efficiency, make sure that your blades are sharp at all times. Cutting wet grass, running over rocks and twigs, and even just the passing of time can make blades much duller. Blades start out very sharp, so be careful in inspecting them and, if necessary, replacing them.

And there you have it! It’s not a bad idea to go give your lawn mower a quick check up now, so that you have time to make sure it’s in good working order in time for the first mow of the spring. Now you’re armed with the knowledge to cut your lawn like a pro. Happy mowing!

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