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How to Keep Your Patio Beautiful All Summer

How to Keep Your Patio Beautiful All Summer

Here are a few tips to keep your patio beautiful all summer long.

Summer is here and this means you can finally spend more time outdoors. Your patio offers you lots of possibilities. You can build a cozy dining area out there, install a hammock or simply make the patio look more pleasant and inviting. An ideal area for hosting parties and family gathering- summer being the prime time for this! Whatever you do, you should find yourself taking full advantage of that patio of yours! The extra foot traffic and spills and messes can be detrimental to your patio. That’s why it’s important to know how to keep your patio beautiful all summer long.

Summer Damage

Patio furniture might be made for the outdoors, but without care and maintenance, even the sturdiest pieces can suffer from damage from the highs and lows of summer weather. Just as your delicate skin is susceptible to the harmful effects of UV rays, so is your outdoor patio furniture. You can protect your furniture with weather-proof covers made of vinyl or other water-resistant fabrics, weather- and stain-proof fabrics and materials with appropriate formulas, and consider bringing upholstered items inside during rough weather. Summer showers can also wreak havoc for your patio, furniture, decks, and paving stones can all suffer from damage and staining from heavy downpours. Don’t trust the high temperatures to dry out puddles and pools of standing water after a rainfall. Left alone, it could cause mold to grow, wood to swell or split, metals to rust or plastics to peel. You can treat your patio, paving stones, concrete, furniture, and upholstery with weather-proof sealants, which will also protect from spills and stains.

Brighten Up your Patio

With the summer comes, longer evenings and a chance to enjoy your patio long into to the night. This time of year, really allows you the opportunity to brighten up your patio. You can create some nighttime ambience with outdoor lighting. Group lanterns or hurricane lamps can really come together to brighten up a dark corner, or string lanterns from one side of the patio to the other to create a more comfortable an inviting environment.


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