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Indoor Planter Ideas to Get Your Ready for Fall

indoor planters for fall

Fall is on it’s way. Ready to move your herb garden inside?

When the weather starts changing and it gets too cold to do your gardening outside, why not bring it inside? House plant and herbs love a nice cozy home during the winter, but they need to be planted somewhere. Here are a few DIY indoor planter ideas to get you ready for fall.

Herbs in Tea Cups

If you have some fancy china sitting around the dining room why not put it to work? A little soil and some herbs like basil or cilantro make a great edible decoration. Keep them on the window sill in the kitchen and pick off herbs as needed.

Cut and Invert Wine Bottles

This one requires some glass cutting so be careful and wear gloves and eye protection. Take an empty wine bottle and cut the top off an inch to an inch and a half from the neck. Fill the bottom with water about halfway. Take the top half and fill it with soil. Use cheesecloth or fine wire mesh to keep the soil from falling out of the neck. You can plant herbs or small succulents and watch as the roots grow down the neck and into the water. Plus, it’s easy to tell when you need to add water.

Tin Can Herb Hangers

Empty paint cans are perfect for this project since they already have an attached handle. Just plant your herbs in the empty can and find an appropriate place to hang them. The easiest way to hang them is to tie a string to the handle and then to an existing part of your house. Can’t find a good place to tie it off? Try using a shower curtain rod to create a bar to suspend the cans from. Just don’t make them too heavy.

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