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The Importance of Raking Leaves and Mowing this Fall

Raking Leaves Mowing FallNow that we are deep into fall, you may have noticed the leaves falling off the trees and collecting in your yard. It’s that that time of year again, which means time to get outside and do some raking. Although you may dread the yard work and want put it off, why not get the whole family outside and make it a fall activity? Raking leaves in your yard is actually very important for the health of your lawn.

For one, leaves cover the grass and don’t allow for adequate sunlight. By raking leaves, the lawn will receive even more sunlight than the other months since the leaves have fallen off the trees. Spots in your lawn that are normally shaded can now receive ample sunlight and nutrients to prepare for winter. Also, fall is a time for the grass to revitalize after the hot temperatures of summer that may have caused the grass to dry out. By having a lawn clear of leaves and foliage, the grass has a chance to renew itself.

Secondly, it’s important to keep the dead leaves from sitting on your lawn for the next couple of weeks. They have the potential to be filled with diseases that could spread to your lawn. In addition, your lawn could be prone to ice damage if it does not receive adequate air or sunlight. Raking leaves now will allow for a healthier, luscious lawn in the spring.

In addition to raking, you should be sure to keep your grass at a decent height to prevent damage and ensure the health of your lawn throughout the winter months. You should begin to lower your mower by about ½ inch every week from now through November, or the end of your mowing season. After your last mow, your lawn should be short – about 1 to 1 ½ inches. As the grass growth slows, decreasing the mow height allows your lawn to “harden” and prepare for the winter. If you keep your lawn at the normal 3-inch height during the winter, it can lead to ice damage.

The fallen leaves can be aesthetically pleasing, but when they’re brown and dead, they make your yard look a little drab. Whether you choose to rake with your family, or vacuum the leaves with your tractor mower, make it this weekend’s project. Not all the leaves have to be raked up, but enough so that you can mow over and shred the rest. Be sure to keep up with raking and mowing this fall to ensure a healthy, beautiful lawn in the spring.

However, if you really dread yard work or just don’t have the time this season, hire a professional! Evergreen Gene’s landscape maintenance includes mowing, raking, sodding, and fertilizing the areas of your lawn that require special attention. We’d be happy to rake and bag your leaves for you, and even winterize plants, shrubs, and trees. For more information, contact Evergreen Gene’s by calling 410.766.6877 or clicking here today. You can also find us on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Google+.

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