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How to Pick the Perfect Stone for Your Patio Hardscaping

patio hardscape stone choices

You have plenty of options when choosing the right stone for your hardscaping project.

The right patio can really make or break a backyard. Hardscaping is an essential part of any patio, but finding the right stone for your project can be a tall task. The options are seemingly endless, so you really need to do your homework before picking one you like. Here are some of your options for patio hardscaping stone.

Poured Concrete

The important thing to remember with poured concrete is that it’s pretty nondescript. Sure it’ll hold up just fine and get the job done, but it won’t look good doing it. You can spice it up by adding a stamped pattern or a coloring agent. Concrete is a highly economical choice, but can show surface cracks and the color will need to be recoated about every two years, if you decide to go that route.

Natural Stone

While arguably the best looking option, it is also the most expensive since natural stone has to be shipped from a quarry. This option also takes the longest to put down since the stones vary in thickness and need to be leveled. Despite the obstacles, the natural look and feel of stone is worth it.


The appeal of brick is obvious. It’s been used for centuries as a reliable building material, and the color and look fit in with a huge variety of designs. Unfortunately, brick requires a lot of maintenance. The porous surface retains moisture, which can lead to freezing and cracking in the winter or slippery moss in the summer time.  

Manufactured Paving Stone

This option gives you the look of real stone, without the hassle of varying thicknesses or the high costs. Manufactured paving stone goes down quickly and easily, and are made in many different color, shapes, and patterns.

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