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How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden This Winter

indoor herb garden

Unfortunately you can’t take all this inside for the winter, so you’re going to need to downsize.

Are you worried that the chill of fall means that you won’t be able to enjoy fresh herbs in your cooking anymore? Is your dinner not complete without the finishing touch of a sprinkle of fresh basil or parsley? Luckily, winter doesn’t mean that your herbs will have to come in a red-topped shaker! How can you grow an indoor herb garden this winter and bring the taste of the outdoors inside?

Get Your Supplies Together

If you are a gardener, you already know some of the basic things that plants need. First things first, make sure that you have adequate:

  • Sunlight—Herbs should have a vegetative light cycle with at least 18 hours of light a day, with 8 hours of that being from direct sunlight or bright artificial light. Depending on the herbs you are planning to grow, they might need slightly more or slightly less light.
  • Soil—Some herbs, like basil, grow better in poor soil, as it forces them to develop a strong flavor. If herbs grow quickly, they miss out on the time needed to develop strong and delicious oils that give them flavor, so poor soil tends to be a better fit.
  • Containers—Since you are growing your herb garden indoors, you will be using containers to house the plants instead of your garden plot outside. You do not need much fertilizer, so the following blend is typically recommended: 2 parts coir compost to 1 part perlite mixed with 20 percent worm castings.

When Should You Water?

Watering plants that are indoors is important, and water is crucial to the growth of your indoor herb garden. If the surface of your herb garden feels dry, you should water it. Herbs typically flourish in soil that drains quickly, so make sure that your containers have sufficient holes on the bottom.

How Do You Know When Your Herbs Are Ready?

It is hard to wait when you can smell delicious fresh basil as you cook, but it is important to let your indoor herb garden fully grow before partaking. Most herb gardens take about 4-6 weeks before it is safe to eat them.

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