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How to Choose Between a Natural Stone Patio Versus a Brick Patio

Brick patios and brick walkways are hardscaping features that will enhance your home tremendously

Adding a patio to a home can put things into perspective and add polish and structure. Investing in both landscaping projects and hardscaping projects can help create a well-balanced and cohesive, dream home. Enhancing your outdoor living space with a patio means that you’ll beautify your home and have an entertainment hub to enjoy events and guests. Now, here comes the hard part about hardscaping: how do you choose between a natural stone patio or a brick patio. We’ll discuss some considerations to keep in mind.

Brick is Better for a Homeowner on a Budget

A brick patio costs less than a natural stone patio. Bricks are straightforward to make while natural stone needs cutting and mining. However, if money is not the most significant concern, then it comes down to what you prefer as far as aesthetics and style. Both a brick patio and a natural stone patio are classic and charming. You can’t go wrong here.

Both are Durable

Brick and stone are both natural materials, which makes them highly durable. Brick is made of clay, whereas stone has a solid formation. Both choices are practical, so it boils down to personal preference. Once again, the style of the material may lean you one way or another.

Brick is Slighty More Flexible in Design

You can form brick in decorative patterns as well as using different colored bricks. That’s not to say that a natural stone patio would not be flexible in design. Because customizing natural stone involves cutting and mining, the pavers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want your patio to be a more ornate focal point, then a brick patio may be the better way to go. 

Both Brick and Natural Stone are Excellent for Water Drainage

Because both of the materials are porous, moisture from rain and humidity can dissipate fairly quickly. The water can then penetrate into the ground or evaporate. When you let a professional hardscaping and landscaping company come in, we have the expertise to keep your landscape vibrant and healthy and incorporate a hardscape into your outdoor living space that will complement it. Whether you choose brick or stone, both are sound investments. 


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