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How to Care For Your Lawn

A newly mowed back gardenTaking care of your lawn is especially important during the hot summer months. With little rain and lots of sun, your grass can easily dry out and become brown. It’s not only bad for your lawn, but it’s unattractive. Evergreen Gene’s wants to help you have a beautiful, healthy lawn. Three things to keep in mind when properly caring for your lawn are feeding, watering, and mowing.

Plants need food too! In order for plants and grass to grow healthily, they need nutrients. Water and sun aren’t enough by themselves. Fertilizer should be applied to your lawn at least once or twice a year. It helps the soil to be a better place for the grass to grow. However, overfeeding can lead to overgrowth and fungal growth. Evergreen Gene’s can help you maintain and fertilize your lawn.

Watering is especially important in the months when there is little rain. Give your lawn a good watering at least once a week. By using a sprinkler in the morning and evening, it reduces the possibility of evaporation. With a weaker sun, the ground has more ability to absorb the water. It’s important to grow out your lawn before you cut it, because longer blades result in stronger roots.

Finally, it’s important to maintain your lawn by mowing once a week. You shouldn’t cut the grass too short because as mentioned before, when the blades are longer they are healthier. Longer blades also bring about stronger roots. Bagging your grass is a huge no-no. By taking advantage of the mulching power of the lawn mower, you can help to put nutrients back into the lawn.

By using these three main tips, you should have the best looking lawn on the block! If you have any questions regarding the upkeep of your lawn, or you would like Evergreen Gene’s to assist you in maintaining your landscape, call 410-766-6877 or visit our website.

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