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How Planting Shade Trees Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Planting shade trees have many benefits such as conserving energy

Planting shade trees have many benefits such as conserving energy. Conversing energy helps you save money on your electricity bill. More importantly, energy conservation helps to protect the environment. This method works for the long haul, is simple, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to implement. Shade trees are excellent for home and business owners alike. They help you to become more eco-friendly, put money back in your pocket, cool down your property, and help beautify your landscape. To learn more about shade trees, keep reading!

Want to Use Your Air Conditioner Less? Plant a Shade Tree!

Before you know it, summer will hit us. Summer brings heat which means that people feel inclined to blast the air. To significantly shade your home or business, large deciduous trees are optimal. With deciduous trees being leafy, it means that they’re able to block the sun with ease.

Also, where you place your shade tree matters. Situating your shade tree by your windows will block the sun and cool down your home.  To avoid the tree blocking the view, make sure to prune the lower branches of your shade tree. When you do decide to use your air conditioner, it won’t have to work as hard. There will be less energy consumption, and this means a lower energy bill! Following these steps could save you 30%

How do Shade Trees Help During the Winter?

Since deciduous trees lose their leaves during the winter, the winter sun can shine right through them, adding warmth to your home or business. Want to block harsh winter winds? Plant a conifer to the north of your home. Sunlight will be able to come in while harsh winds will have a protective barrier to get through.

Following these suggestions could save you 50% on your energy bill during the winter. In other to warm themselves during the winter but use less heat, people merely wear more clothing but who knew that planting a shade tree was another option?

Use Shade Trees to Cool Down Your Deck, Porch, and Patio

During warm seasons, people love to utilize their decks, porches, and patios to entertain guests or merely get some sunshine. Shade trees help provide cleaner air quality along with cooling down outside environments. Nothing is better than taking in the fresh air and not suffering from hot weather conditions.


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