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How Ornamental Grass is An Advantage to Your Landscape

Ornamental grass is decorative and diverse.

Ornamental grass is decorative and diverse. It makes your landscape more visually appealing. You can choose various heights, textures, leaf shapes, and can even play with foliage color. Sedges, tall grasses, and pink muhly grasses all fall under the ornamental grass category. Not only is ornamental grass beautiful, but it won’t harm your landscape or the ecosystem. Keep reading to discover why ornamental grass is advantageous for your land.


Ornamental grass can fit in so many places in your yard. With its versatility, it serves many functions. For example, short ornamental grasses help define plant bed edges. More massive ornamental grass adds height to your landscape and fills in empty spaces. Depending on how you plant it, tall grasses can add privacy to the land. Ornamental grass blends well with perennial plants. You can also plant ornamental grass in pots or urns. If you’re a homeowner with turf, ornamental grass can serve as a ground cover.

Visual Diversity

When we think of grass, we think of the color green, but the foliage of ornamental grass comes in shades of purple, tan, red, and many other colors. If your yard has various types of ornamental grass laid down, it will create a beautiful, contrasting visual. Taller ornamental grass blows around in the wind creating a calming effect.

Minimal Maintenance

Ornamental grasses grow on their own without you needing to tend to them regularly. Many types grow in a way that will fill the void spaces in your landscape. These grasses also don’t require a lot of water. They also aren’t highly susceptible to pests and diseases. Once planted, you won’t have to stress.

Good for The Environment

Because ornamental grass doesn’t need a lot of water, this means that you can conserve water in your garden. You’ll also rarely need to use chemical pesticides so you won’t have to worry about runoff into local waterways. Another advantage is that if your landscape has an incline, ornamental grasses will combat landscape erosion. The grass grows well, even on slopes. Ornamental grass is good for the wildlife such as bees and birds that many inhabit your land and make you feel one with nature.


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