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How Hardscapes Enhance Your Property

Hardscapes Evergreen Gene's Inc.

Hardscapes add a lot of curb appeal to a home

Hardscapes, in combination with landscape features, create a stunning and highly functional yard. Landscape features are known as the soft of a yard, such as plants, trees, and shrubs. On the other hand, hardscapes refer to patios, walkways, retaining walls, and other textured elements. Here is more detail about how hardscapes will enhance your property. 

Hardscapes Add Texture to a Property 

Hardscapes and landscape features are the perfect complement and contrast to each other. Neutrally-colored hardscapes seamlessly blend into and yet stand out from the vibrant greens and vivid colors of flowers of a landscape’s various textures. If your ultimate goal is to add curb appeal to your yard, we suggest that you add more than just a garden and keeping your lawn manicured. 

Patios Provide Entertainment

For some homeowners, it’s not enough to look out at a beautiful landscape. They desire to sit in the middle of it and offer their guests the same opportunity. Patios benefit both the “life of the party” homeowner and one that would rather spend their day enjoying a delicious breakfast and catching up on reading their favorite book. How you use your patio is entirely up to you. 

Hardscapes Remind You to Take a Break

If your life is hectic, being around nature will do wonders for you. Outdoor living reduces stress. Having a beautiful yard with walkways and a patio will remind you to take a load off and enjoy the sunshine. You’ll enjoy the fresh air as you reflect on life alone, or you can call your family out for dinner on the patio or a game night. 

Minimal Maintenance

Plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers require maintenance. You have to prune them and keep them tidy. Then, there is weed removal and lawn mowing. To keep the softer features of a landscape looking their best, it takes work. Luckily, you can hire the landscaping professionals here at Evergreen Gene’s to take care of all of this for you. 

Hardscapes don’t require constant upkeep. It does take some occasional cleaning, but nearly as much care goes into preserving landscaping features as hardscapes. Hardscaping features are durable and able to withstand even Maryland’s unpredictable weather. 

Are you considering adding hardscape features to your property? Reach out to Evergreen Gene’s, Inc. today. Consider us a one-stop-shop for your landscaping and hardscaping needs. 


Evergreen Gene’s offers professional landscaping and maintenance services through the state of Maryland. We are here to make sure your gardens and grounds look as beautiful as possible year-round. Interested in how we can help your garden look its best? Give us a call at (410) 766-6877 or visit us online. To see examples of our work and get more helpful gardening tips, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Twitter.

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