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How Do You Move Plants Indoors?

move plants indoors

Unless you have a nice setup for maintaining your plants indoors, you’ll need to make a few adjustments.

If you’ve spent all spring and summer, and most of fall, tending to your plants and keeping a beautiful and tidy garden, those first morning chills tend to come with a tinge of heartbreak. Pretty soon all of that hard work will meet its end when the temperatures drop for good. Thankfully, there’s something you can do to make sure your beloved plants last. Move plants indoors to help them survive the winter.


While the weather is still friendly to your plants move them from the garden into pots and into the shade. They need to get used to the decreased sunlight before moving them inside, where they will undoubtedly get less sunlight than if they were outside.

High Quality H2O

When you get your plants inside, there are two things you need to think of in terms of watering. First, water your plants just enough so that they don’t dry out, but keep in mind they’ll need less water than when they’re outside. Second, your home is going to be drier than outdoors, especially during winter when the heat is running. Plants thrive in a moist environment, so a humidifier might be just the thing to keep your plants comfy.

Full Sunlight

Obviously your house isn’t as sunny as it is outside. Try and find a space to keep your plants where they’ll get sunlight for the majority of the day. If you acclimated your plants by moving them to a shadier part of your lawn before bringing them in, they should be ready for the change. It’s a good idea to trim back your plants just a little so they fit in your home better, but also to promote new growth.

Call in the Professionals for Your Lawn Care and Winterization Needs

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