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Hiring a Landscaping Company: 5 Valid Reasons Why You Should

Owning a home is one of the most celebrated milestones for many people.

Owning a home is one of the most celebrated milestones for many people. However, being a homeowner takes a lot of work. Once you’ve secured the land, you need to invest in its upkeep. A lot of homeowners put a lot of effort into the interior of their home and neglect the exterior. Landscaping maintenance is necessary if you want the full benefits of the homeowner experience. Not only do you want your landscape to look visually pleasing, but you also want the soil to be fertile and healthy. What better way to ensure that than by hiring the experts like us? Keep reading to discover five valid reasons why you should hire a landscaping company. 

We Know What We’re Doing

Since 1954, Evergreen Gene’s, Inc. has been around. Since 1978, the same family has owned the landscaping company. Our highly trained and skilled architects know how to make your vision come to life while being professional. Landscaping takes more than just digging holes into the ground. Highly knowledgeable landscapers know that things like soil quality and PH matter. They also know that the climate of your yard affects how your plants will grow. When you hire a professional, they can assess what your specific landscape needs to be its healthiest.

We Can Help With The Creative Process

Understanding how to design a landscape takes a lot of creativity, and there’s a science behind it. A landscaper can give you ideas as to what color schemes will complement your home’s architecture. If you’re a homeowner that loves looking through magazines, we can recreate the beautiful imagery that captured your attention.

We Can Save You Time

Tending to an outdoor living area can be time-consuming. We understand that you work all week and want to spend your weekends in the most relaxing ways. Trying to spend an entire weekend tending to a yard, instead of your friends and family won’t be necessary when you hire us.

Hiring a Landscaping Company is Worth the Money, AND You’ll Save Money.

 A well-designed landscape will beautify your home. Also, when it’s healthy, you can enjoy it for decades to come. When you try to landscape yourself, sometimes mistakes happen unless you have a green thumb or you’re an expert. If not, you could spend a lot of money trying to fix problems or design a landscape when you don’t have a clear direction. 

We Can Help From Start to Finish

We can help give your outdoor living space balance and harmony. There are backyard features that may have never crossed your mind. For example, we also are hardscape expert. We’ll go from seeding your grass to giving you an outdoor oasis.


Evergreen Gene’s offers professional landscaping and hardscaping maintenance services through the state of Maryland. We are here to make sure your gardens and grounds look as beautiful as possible year-round. Interested in how we can help your garden look its best? Give us a call at (410) 766-6877 or visit us online. To see examples of our work and get more helpful gardening tips, follow us on Facebook,Pinterest, LinkedIn, Houzz, andTwitter.

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