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Harvest the Power of Fall to Boost Curb Appeal

boost curb appeal

Keeping up with your lawn maintenance into the fall is great for boosting curb appeal.

Selling a house can be stressful, but you’ve chosen the right time of year to do it. Fall gives you the opportunity to make your home as picturesque as possible thanks to the colors and falling leaves. Take advantage of the season and use the best parts of fall to boost your home’s curb appeal this fall.

Get Your Lawn Together

The easiest way to instantly boost curb appeal is to clean up your yard. In fall this mean raking the leaves and picking up any fallen branches. Show off that lawn that has been meticulously cared for all spring and summer long. Fall is the growing season for many grasses so you’ll have plenty to display if you take care of it by aerating and seeding any bare spots.

Fall Flowers

The color of fall flowers can replace any of those summer bloomers that have started to fade. There are tons of plants out there besides mums that will give your yard the picture perfect fall coloring that attracts potential buyers.

Clean Up Your Roof and Gutters

The age old problem with fall, and how the season got its name, is all of the leaves and dead branches that fall not only in your yard but onto your roof and into your gutters. Identifying branches that are headed for the roof before they fall is key to protecting your roof. Cut anything that looks suspect and has your house in it’s landing zone. In addition to preparing your gutters before the leaves actually start coming down, clean them out once or twice during the season to make sure nothing gets clogged and leads to bigger problems.

Highlight Your Hardscaping

Although it may be a little chilly, fall is the best time of the year to be outdoors. Throw on a sweater and hit the patio for some grilling and some football. That’s the idea you want to convey to anyone checking out your home, so make sure everything is tidy and still operational. Don’t pack everything away just yet, prove that patio and yard are there for three seasons of enjoyment.

Check out Evergreen Gene’s Garden Center

Evergreen Gene’s offers professional landscaping, hardscaping and maintenance services through the state of Maryland. We are here to make sure your gardens and grounds look as beautiful as possible year-round. Interested in how we can help your garden look its best? Give us a call at (410) 766-6877 or visit us online. To see examples of our work and get more helpful gardening tips, follow us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Twitter.

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