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Hardscaping Tips

Experts know that do-it-yourself hardscapes are often ruined due to lack of drainage and improper grading issues. However, the professionals at Evergreen Gene’s will take care of you and ensure the outside of your home is looking its best. Patios, walkways and pool areas are among our most popular type of hardscape. Although you might be looking for an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or fire pit while entertaining your guests. hardscape

While hardscaping you will want to be sure to keep these couple tips in mind:

1. Have a Plan- Never start any project without a plan! Be sure to know which area you are working on and how it will look in the end.

2. Design- Draw out your entire yard, know exactly how it will look.

3. Balance- Don’t go over board, make sure everything has its place. Have different people look over the design for feedback.

4. Know your Materials- The right materials can make all the difference. Call us and we can help you pick out the perfect materials and teach you how to use them safely.

5. Call Before you Dig- Each state has a “call before you dig” program and they will come out to check where your phone lines, water lines, sewage lines, ect. are.

With these tips in mind, your yard will be sure to be the best looking one on the block!

In 1954, Evergreen Gene’s opened its doors in Glen Burnie, MD. The store functioned as a garden center that offered landscaping, lawn maintenance and hardscaping services. When you walk into our store, the selection of trees, flowers and other shrubbery will amaze you. Our inventory has anything that a horticulturist like yourself could possibly want.

Evergreen Gene’s is conveniently located at 401 Crain Highway South, Glen Burnie, and is open during regular business hours. We are always happy to speak with our customers, so do not hesitate to give us a call at 410-766-6877.

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