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All About Hardscape

Landscaping can be separated into two categories, hardscaping and softscaping. Softscaping projects are primary concerned with flowers, trees, and other vegetation, while hardscaping involves building solid structures. Patios, decks, and retaining walls are all examples of hardscaping projects. In this blog, we will discuss the specifics, varieties, and benefits of hardscaping.


Proper hardscaping can add a lot to your yard

Varieties of Hardscaping

The kind of hardscaping you want depends on the kind of vision you have for your yard. Different structures create a wide variety of aesthetic and functional effects.


For adding outdoor social space to your yard, nothing can beat a stone patio. If you like to throw outdoor parties, a patio creates an area in your yard for people to move about on and is a great place to to put furniture. Stone patios are beautiful, extremely durable, and need almost no maintenance.

Retaining wall

Building a retaining wall can have several functions, both functionally and cosmetically. Retaining walls can level out uneven or hilly sections of land and are often paired with a patio or garden. Raised patios and gardens not only provide better access and use of your yard, but if built correctly, can be an elegant addition to your yard.

Wooden Deck

Decks are similar to patios as they add space on which to walk and put furniture, but also have some distinct advantages of their own. Unlike stone, wood does get uncomfortably hot or cold depending on the season. It is also much faster and cheaper to build a raised deck than it is to install a raised retaining wall with an elevated patio. You may also prefer the look of wood although it is somewhat less durable and will eventually require repairs and repainting.


A yard with gardens or a lot of delicate vegetation can benefit greatly from walkways. In addition to preventing people from stepping on vegetation, walkways, which are usually made of stone, pair well with patios and can contribute significantly to the aesthetic of your yard.

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