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Gardening Tips: Planting with a Purpose

gardening tips

Think about function as well as aesthetic before you start planting this summer!

If you are thinking of getting a garden started on your property, but don’t have a lot of experience gardening or are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the possible decisions to make, don’t worry. Evergreen Gene’s can help. Whether you’re a novice or a gardener with a seasoned green thumb, keeping these gardening tips in mind will help you get the most out of your garden.  

Think About Multifunctional Plants

While a having flowers that just look pretty are nice, wouldn’t you rather strategically garden so your land is as functional as it is beautiful. There are a number of strategic trees, small trees, plants, shrubs, herbs, and more that you can plant which serve numerous functions, ensuring you’ll get the most out of your garden. For example, a black currant  shrub not only provides sweet berries, but offers numerous wildlife benefits and makes excellent hedgerow. Lavender is not only edible and sweet smelling, but medicinal, insectary, and serves as a windbreak. Plants such as garlic and mint are delicious, good for you, and naturally repel pests. This is one of the gardening tips which really makes a garden something special.

Gardening Tips To Make Your Garden As Good For You As It Looks

It’s no secret that certain plants have medicinal properties, as even the popular over the counter pain reliever Aspirin has willow bark in it. If you want to turn your garden into as valuable a health asset as it is pretty consider any of these plants. Lady Ferns are delicate and green and ideal for treating stinging nettles as well as minor cuts and burns. California Poppies provide not only a beautiful pop of color to any garden, but have both anxiety reducing and pain relieving properties when brewed into a tea. Korean Mint or hyssop is an effective antiviral. Plants like alfalfa contain an incredible amount of nutrients and protein for a green, and is a powerful liver and bowel cleanser that promotes health.

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