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The Flowers are Coming Back!

Glen Burnie Garden CenterSpringtime is almost upon us and yet, it seems so far away. If the ice and snow is getting you down, it may be fun to imagine all the perennial flowers you can plant when the time comes for a little warmth. You can always begin the process inside with a few potted beauties, but a larger project may require a longer wait time. Fear not, spring will be here eventually, and while you wait, you can plan.

Perennials Vs. Annuals

If you’re a longtime garden lover, then you probably have a few perennials or annuals in your garden that you are itching to tend to this spring. Newcomers, on the other hand, may not be familiar with the ins and outs of these types of flowers. Perennials are flowers that last two or more years after being planted. Some live through the winter and some don’t. Their ability to survive depends on their “hardiness”, so check with us on which flowers can really thrive. However, even the tenderest of tender perennials will blossom once again in the years to come. Annuals, on the other hand, must be planted every year. These flowers only last one growing season, so if you really like them you should keep that in mind. There are “hardy” annuals that may live through part of the winter, but they will eventual die and require replanting.

Perennial Options

The Bearded Iris: This flower is purple when it blooms and can provide that extra burst of color year after year. These flowers require plenty of sun and adequate soil drainage to thrive.

Asparagus: This lovely veggie adds serious flavor to your garden. Not only does it look nice, but it is an excellent addition to any dinner spread.

Peony: A truly lovely option to bring a white flower into your garden. These may take a lot longer to bloom, but the wait is worth it. Give them lots and lots of sun once they’re thriving for best results.

Annual Options

Pansy: This little flower is such a classic addition to your garden. These little fellas come in many different colors, so there’s lots of variety. They also have types that can survive winter fairly well.

Snapdragon: These flowers are pretty cold tolerant, so they’re great for later in the planting season if you’re running late.


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