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How To Find Your Perfect Christmas Tree From Evergreen Gene’s!

Christmas tree

Get this year’s Christmas tree from Evergreen Gene’s!

It’s that time of year again- Christmas trees and wreaths are available at Evergreen Gene’s! Before you come in to choose your perfect tree to take home for the holidays, we have a few tips on how to find the best tree for your home. Once you read our tips, come on down to choose this year’s tree- we’ve extended our hours to open on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm for the Holiday Season!

Plan Before You Shop

Before you go out to buy your Christmas tree, take the time to prepare your home beforehand. Decide where the best spot is to place the tree (avoiding any place too close to a heat source or sunny windows) that looks great but is out of the way in a crowded home. You also want to make sure the space is close enough to an outlet, and that your lights will be able to plug in from the tree. The last thing you want is to bring home a tree that doesn’t fit in the room. Measure the maximum height and width of the space where the tree will be, taking into account the tree stand and any tree-toppers.

Choosing The Tree

Evergreen trees are usually the best types of trees to decorate, as they have shorter needles with space in between the branches. While trees with too many gaps look odd, it’s nice to have some space between branches to allow your ornaments to hang and be visible. If you want to be extra prepared, take an ornament with you to test it on a few branches. This will not only allow you to see if the ornament is visible on the tree but also if the branches are strong enough to hold heavier ornaments. When selecting a tree, you should also look for any brown or dry spots. These indicate that the tree is not fresh, and will lead to needles falling off all over your floor before Christmas.

Keeping The Tree Alive

Once you get the tree home and in its rightful spot, the work does not end there. Watering the tree is an essential step, and for the first few days, you may need to refill the water every few hours. It’s best to keep a timer and notes of when you refilled the tree, so it will never go too long without water. After the first week, you should be able to refill just once a day.

While plain water is perfectly fine to keep your tree fresh, there are many additives and sprays available to keep the tree lasting even longer. While these are only optional, they may be very useful for those who want to keep their trees for as long as possible.

Christmas Trees And Wreaths From Evergreen Gene’s

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