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Find Fall Gardening Essentials at Your Glen Burnie Garden Center

Glen Burnie Garden CenterFall is in full swing, which means homeowners throughout Glen Burnie are preparing their gardens for spring. Wait…what? If you are a new homeowner or just unfamiliar with gardening, fall is when you need to put in the hard work to prepare your gardens for spring. For starters, fall is when you need to plant bulbs for the spring, which means fall is also the time to consider the layout and design of your gardens. But that is just the beginning.

Sounds like you need to plan a trip to your local garden center.

Fall Gardening Tips

  1. Fall is the perfect time to enrich your garden beds with compost or manure. Simply spread an even layer over the exposed soil. Nature will do the rest.
  2. Cut back diseased perennials and remove all foliage. And prune those shrubs!
  3. As we mentioned before, fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs for spring.
  4. Don’t forget that you need to continue to water trees and shrubs until the ground freezes. Even though these plants may look dormant, they are still alive.
  5. Finally, spread a layer of mulch.

Don’t forget your garden tools: Clean, sand and oil garden tools before storing them for the winter.

“Fall is a great time to take a long hard look at your garden with an eye to making your life easier next spring,” said Sydney Eddison, author of Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older.

Find Fall Gardening Essentials at Your Glen Burnie Garden Center

Whatever the season – spring, summer, winter, or fall – you can always find what you need at Evergreen Gene’s. We carry a full array of plants, trees, flowers, perennials, and other landscaping and gardening supplies for all of your residential landscaping projects. When you walk into our store, you will be amazed at the selection we have.

Whatever you need at our garden center, you can be sure that you will never have to look for an employee for help, unlike the big box stores. As a family-owned business we believe in quality customer service, and we make sure our employees are always on hand to aid customers however they can.

Want to learn more about Fall Gardening? Visit Evergreen Gene’s at our Glen Burnie location on Crain Highway. Can’t make it out but still have a question? Not to worry; call us at 410.766.6877 or click here today.

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