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Fall Pruning: A Big Mistake

fall pruning

Pruning during fall tricks your plants into trying to grow when they are ready to go dormant for the winter.

We talked last week about how fall is a great time to do some very important lawn care activities, but what about your garden? Many people assume that there’s a lot of work involved with getting your garden ready for the winter. While that’s not completely untrue, there is one thing you should absolutely avoid during your fall gardening, pruning.

Why Shouldn’t You Prune?

Just to be totally clear, you shouldn’t be trimming anything in the fall. Nothing! No shrubs, no plants and not even trees. Trimming a tree or anything else will promote new growth, which isn’t what you want when the tree is about to go into hibernation for the winter. If you just can’t help yourself and are dying to get out there and prune, wait until the middle of winter when a plant is dormant and won’t try to grow back from the pruning. One more tip, don’t prune when it’s wet, it will increase the chance of mold or disease hurting your plants.

What Should You Do?

You should be paying more attention to your lawn in the fall. Aerating, overseeding and fertilizing are all best done in the fall when the sun isn’t going to scorch your lawn but the soil is still warm. Keeping up with the raking and mulching are fall lawn care staples, and can help with that composting project you’ve been meaning to get started on.

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