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Fall Patio Installation: Why Install Now

Creative Fall Patio Installations

Some people believe they cannot have a patio installed during the cold months of fall and winter, but that’s a myth. Often in fall we experience mild weather and that’s a perfect time to have a fall patio installation and truly enjoy the new addition to your home. Why is fall such a great time to have a new patio installation? In short, it offers great benefits for homeowners in need of a great outdoor living space. During the fall it is easier to have a patio installed because vegetation goes dormant in the fall and winter. This means your landscape is less likely to suffer damage as your property undergoes patio construction.

Another great advantage of a fall patio installation is the opportunity to immediately enjoy the new outdoor living space. Often homeowners with a fall patio installation will also include a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to make the new patio as comfortable and welcoming as possible. There are so many ways to enjoy a fall patio because you can create a camp experience right in your backyard. In the spring and summer, there is more of a wait time for a patio installation as most homeowners are looking to hire a contractor during the spring and summer. This means you could wait weeks and months for a contractor to even start on your project. In the fall, it’s a quick and very affordable installation because contractor are not as overwhelmed and the price is often lower during the slow season.

Once your fall patio installation is complete, you need to stay mindful of fall patio care. Fortunately, the up keep of a fall patio does not require staining, painting or saying like a home deck would require. To keep a fall patio looking its best, you will want to remove weeds growing from stones, bricks and blocks. A spray weed killer can take care of any weeds and your contractor can put in place some weed block materials to prevent weeds from returning. You should also use a power washer to clean your patio of dirt, stains and moss.

Remember, you will have a low maintenance outdoor living space. Use the extended living space to your advantage. Modern patios can resemble wood, marble, stone or brick. This can help you design an outdoor kitchen or living room. Get creative. Watch football games outdoors or schedule your holiday parties right on your patio.

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