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Fall Gardening Tips

Fall Gardening TipsNow that it’s fall, you may be thinking that you don’t really have to worry about your lawn and garden until spring comes around, but think again. You know all those leaves that have fallen? They are filled with diseases that can actually spread to your healthy perennials over the winter if they are not raked up. Be sure to make raking your project for this weekend. Also, the rain and cooler air actually allows for better root growth. This means fall is a great time to begin planting and preparing. After raking your yard this weekend, plant a few bulbs that will bloom in the spring. Need a few more fall gardening tips? Keep reading!

Fall Gardening Tips

  • Water, water, water. Basically everything dies in the winter with the freezing temperatures and dry air. To prevent the plants and trees from completely drying out, it’s important to water the soil at least once a week in the fall. If there is enough moisture within the soil, your plants will be sure to survive the winter and bloom again in the spring.
  • Fertilizer. Many people think that fertilizing in the fall is pointless, but fertilizing now can actually allow for healthier plants in the spring. The fertilizer is stored within the soil through the winter, and enables growth come springtime.
  • Mulching. Laying mulch on your garden in the fall, believe it or not, acts almost like a blanket. It protects the roots from the harsh winter temperatures, and helps to maintain balanced amounts of moisture. Mulching can also help protect your garden from weeds sprouting up.
  • Pruning. Instead of pruning in the spring or summer when the trees and shrubs are full of leaves, prune in the fall when most of the leaves have fallen off. This way, you can get a better idea of the actual shape of the tree limbs. Also, by pruning in the fall, you won’t have to deal with diseases and pesky insects.
  • Shop now! By shopping for gardening supplies in the fall, you may actually be able to find discounted equipment and seeds at your local garden store. You can actually store the seed packets in the freezer to keep them fresh before planting in the spring!

Evergreen Gene’s wants to help your gardening process easy this fall. We carry a huge selection of plants, trees, flowers, perennials, and gardening equipment. We can also provide you with help and advice for fall gardening. Winter is on its way; so don’t wait any longer to get started! Visit Evergreen Gene’s for all your gardening and landscaping needs at our Glen Burnie location on Crain Highway. You can also reach us by calling 410.766.6877 or by clicking here today!

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