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Evergreen Gene’s, your Glen Burnie Garden Center, can protect your Roses

Glen Burnie Garden CenterGardening can be a very rewarding experience. There is nothing like rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty (literally) to better your home. Flowers, bushes, and other plants can really brighten up your landscape, instantly improving your home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, gardening can also be one of the most frustrating things you do as a homeowner.

You take great care of your flowers. You water them daily, you researched the best fertilizers, and, despite your best efforts, something is not right. Your flowers look worse for wear. Turns out, TLC and a green thumb are not enough to protect your flowers, especially roses, which are prone to have a reputation of suffering greatly from pests and diseases.

Evergreen Gene’s, your Glen Burnie Garden Center, can protect your Roses

A regular program of prevention, along with prompt treatment of any incipient infestations will help keep your roses beautiful and healthy. And Evergreen Gene’s in Glen Burnie, Maryland has everything you need: mulch, top soil, insecticides, fungicides, and so much more! Whatever you need at our garden center, you can be sure that you will never have to look for an employee for help, unlike the big box stores. We believe in quality customer service and we make sure our employees are always on hand to aid customers however they can.

Protecting your Roses

  1. Proper Plant Selection: Not all plants are created equally. Some species of roses grow better under certain conditions. It is important to select a variety that will thrive in your area.
  2. Sunlight: Roses require six to eight hours of sun a day. In fact, the more sun the better. So plan ahead. You can’t plant roses just anywhere.
  3. Fertilizers: Feed roses with a balanced rose fertilizer on a regular schedule.
  4. Keep a Lookout: When watering your plants, look for anything specific. Early detection and treatment are the best ways to keep your roses healthy. If a problem arises, turn first to natural and nonchemical intervention. If that doesn’t work, then try low-toxicity intervention. Then, if nothing else is working, chemical intervention is a perfectly acceptable last resort.

Want to learn more about gardening and how to protect your roses? Visit Evergreen Gene’s at our Glen Burnie location on Crain Highway. Can’t make it out but still have a question? Not to worry; call us at 410.766.6877 or click here today.

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