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Essential Fall Landscaping Tips from your Glen Burnie Garden Center

We don’t typically think of fall as the peak season for lawns and gardens. After all, this is the season where everything begins to change color, leaves fall off the trees, and landscaping maintenance can tend to fall by the wayside. However, did you know that fall is actually the ideal time to start thinking about next spring’s blooms and blossoms? Evergreen Gene’s, your Glen Burnie landscaping expert, is here to help you learn about some essential landscaping you should have done in the fall months.


Fall is the perfect time to overseed your lawn, the term given to the process of laying down new seed among the existing grass in your yard. This gives your lawn the opportunity to replenish itself and stay “full,” as the winter will likely kill off some of the grass. In order to make sure the new seeds have adequate exposure to light, have your lawn cut short before you sow the seed for the new grass.

 Planting Flower Bulbs

In order for your favorite tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths to fill your garden with color in the spring, you’ll have to fill your soil with their bulbs in the fall. Bulb flowers need time to settle in the soil and put down roots before they can sprout; if you wait until spring to plant them, you’ll have waited too long.


With routine weeding, you can guarantee the overall health of your garden and lawn, but you should make it a point to weed before winter hits in particular. Some weeds can thrive in cold weather where flowers and grasses cannot, and if left untended, the fall and winter seasons could result in weeds overtaking your garden and lawn, meaning a lot of work for you in the spring.

 Leaf Maintenance

One of everyone’s favorite parts of fall is when the leaves change color. A slightly less favorite part, however, is when those leaves fall and clutter up your gutters, driveway, and yard. Dead leaves left sitting on top of grass can cause the grass underneath to brown and die before its time; break out the rake and leaf blower and pile up the leaves before this can happen!

fall landscaping

Landscaping Experts in Glen Burnie

Located in Glen Burnie, Evergreen Gene’s provides multiple landscape services throughout Maryland for more than 30 years. If you are interested in improving the look and feel of your landscape, while also increasing your home value, and curb appeal then give us a call. We will meet with you, walk your property, and make suggestions based on your desires and budget. Whether it is a stone walkway or a new patio, we will make sure you are happy with everything before we break ground.

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