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The Easiest Summer Flowers to Grow

Gardening can seem like a difficult task with those who have less-than- green
thumbs or little experience with the task. However, there are many beautiful flowers
that bloom in the summer that require no experience and very little effort to grow.
Here are our top picks for the easiest summer flowers to grow in your garden this


landscape planning

Even if you are new to gardening, there are some plants that are simple and fun!

Asters are hardy perennials that will thrive during the summer and keep blooming
throughout the fall, providing that you take the time to deadhead your flowers.
These flowers are available at home improvement stores and nurseries starting in
early summer in large cans. They are available in several beautiful colors including
lavender, pink, and white and they are the perfect choice for someone wanting lots
of flowers without lots of effort.
Dahlias are some of the most beautiful flowers in existence and they are available in
an unimaginable vibrant range of colors and patterns. You can mix and match
different colors for a rainbow effect or blanket certain portions of your landscaping
with massive blocks of color. Dahlias also provide a small amount of shade in hot
areas of your yard. If you are looking for an easy summer flower to grow that will
impress anyone walking by your home and add major curb appeal, Dahlias are your
best bet.
Purple Fountain Grass
Purple fountain grass is a dramatic and beautiful option for homeowners that have a
lot of landscaping to cover and want a high-impact flower to plant in the area. These
flowers have rose-colored plumes that softly fade into a beige color, on top of a
reddish brown foliage at the base. These also work well when you combine them as
part of a larger landscaping design with daisies or purple flowers. Choose any flower
that has a color either in the purple fountain grass or complementary to one of them
and you will get a stunning cohesive landscape design without much effort at all!
Call in the Professionals for Your Summer Landscaping Needs
Evergreen Gene’s offers professional landscaping and maintenance services through
the state of Maryland. We are here to make sure your gardens and grounds look as
beautiful as possible year-round. Interested in how we can help your garden look its
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