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Early Gardening Tips for Spring


Spring is a joyous season. Is it ever too early to start preparing for spring? The answer is no.

Winter will end in a little over a month. Snow is going to melt. The grass will be green again. The weather will be warm and beautiful. spring is a joyous season. Is it ever too early to start preparing for spring? The answer is no. New gardeners and veterans alike can read these tips on how to prep your garden early for spring.

Pull Out Those Weeds

While the weather is still cold, weeds grow abundantly. Pulling out weeds can be time-consuming. Pulling weeds at the hinders regrowth. Put on that winter coat and take the time to remove those weeds.

Cleaning Maintenance

Debris piles onto gardens during winter. Gardens are not lush and green during the winter leaving them neglected. Rake away dead leaves or clean any trash that may have fallen into your garden.

Prepare Your Soil

Fertilization prevents soil erosion. Winter weather has damaging effects on soil. Soil can become hard, dry, and hard to germinate. Plants cannot grow in unhealthy soil. Use fertilizer, compost, and mulch to revive your garden. The best options are organic.

Pruning and Planting

Pruning is healthy for the longevity of plants. Your plants will also look neater and grow more.  Want a rich-looking summer garden? Then, start pruning now.

Want control over what goes into your food? Grow your vegetables at home.  Not only will your garden be pleasing to the eye but the health benefits are priceless. Spinach, cabbage, and peas can grow during spring weather due to being frost-resistant. During early Spring, temperatures are still chilly. Still, there is no need to stress about your vegetable garden.

Easy-to-grow spring flowers can include tulips and pansies. Pansies grow well in cooler seasons like spring and Fall. Tulips can bloom well in cooler seasons too. Also, don’t forget to bring your indoor plants outdoors.  

Evergreen Gene’s has a garden center and nursery. We offer a variety of plants, trees, flowers, perennials, and landscaping tools. Not only do we sell the plants and products that you need but experts are on board. If you have any questions about gardening, we offer advice tailored to you. Since every garden is unique, assessments should vary. Regardless of your landscape, we know the right tools needed for you to have a healthy, beautiful garden.


Evergreen Gene’s offers professional landscaping and maintenance services through the state of Maryland. We are here to make sure your gardens and grounds look as beautiful as possible year-round. Interested in how we can help your garden look its best? Give us a call at (410) 766-6877 or visit us online. To see examples of our work and get more helpful gardening tips, follow us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Twitter.


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