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Dry Weather Landscaping Tips

Not all gardens are green and full of lush. Sometimes dry weather plays a role. Despite having a garden in an arid climate, you can transform your place into a rich oasis as long as you work with elements that can withstand the heat. Here are some tips and techniques for reviving your waterless garden.landscape

Dry Garden Tips

  • Choose the right plant: When it comes to your landscape, choosing the right plants is key. You need to make sure you pick plants that suit your particular climate. If you live in a harsh environment, pick a plant that can strive in sandy soil and that doesn’t need heavy watering.  If you want to have an eclectic garden, search for flowering shrugs, gum trees or even spiky grasses. These plants can survive during harsh weathers and are not as water-needy as other plants.
  • Install a pool: A shimmering, blue pool can turn any dry landscape into paradise. For your arid landscaping plan, you can easily place a swimming pool. Add some hardscape, cactus and native grass plantings and that will give your landscape a luxurious edge. If you want to take the extra step, add an infinity pool to give your landscaping a zen atmosphere.
  • Grow stronger veggies:  Despite the arid climate, you can still grow a lush garden. Though you may not be able to grow artichokes, brussel sprouts or spinage you can still grow asparagus, herbs, silver beets, parsley bok choy.
  • Cultivate your soil: It’s imperative to add fertilizer suitable for your plant choices and the climate you live in. Make sure you turn your soil over to aerate it. You wouldn’t want it to dry to a crisp.
  • Cool your home: If you live in an arid environment, than you know that energy costs must be sky high. By placing large trees around your lawn, you can block out the sun. Green plants such as ferns and succulents can also entrance family and guests into enjoying the atmosphere you imagine.

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Top Landscaping  Tips for Arid Weather

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