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Commercial Landscaping Services in Severna Park

Commercial Landscaping Severna ParkDon’t judge a book by its cover.

Sound familiar? It should. At some point in every child’s life they hear that phrase – don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s usually followed by another one of our favorite clichés. Beauty is only skin deep. The lesson is solid…sort of. You see, when it comes to judging people, you should never make a snap judgment based solely based on appearance. There is more to a person than their appearance, their cover. When it comes to judging a business, however, all of those childhood adages can be thrown out the window. It’s all about that curb appeal.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Severna Park

At Evergreen Gene’s, our commercial landscaping services are carried out by experienced crews under the direction of knowledgeable managers who make customer service a number one goal. Regardless of the size of your commercial property, we will provide expert services that will leave your business looking beautiful.

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Our services include new plantings and continued maintenance – such as lawn mowing, mulching, trimming – and seasonal services, like seeding and fertilizing.

The Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Attracting Customers

In today’s increasingly technological world, people no longer have to go shopping. Everything you could ever want can be purchased online. Most people go to brick and mortar stores for the experience. And it all starts with curb appeal – landscaping.

The aesthetics of your storefront – its curb appeal – is perhaps more important than ever before as you are no longer just competing with the stores in your area, but also stores across the country and across the globe. So it’s important to give your customers (and potential customers) the experience they are looking for.

Your storefront should not just be clean and appealing, it should scream, “HEY! COME SHOP HERE!” According to experts as much as 70% of first-time sales at restaurants, retail shops, and other commercial facilities can be directly attributed to curb appeal. And 52% of shoppers will not return to a store if they don’t like the aesthetics.

Motivating Employees

Happy employees work better. According to a study by Bright Horizons, employees with high morale are more productive and 89% more likely put in extra effort and extra hours at work. Researchers at the University of Warwick, meanwhile, have found that happiness makes people roughly 12% more productive. And studies have shown that employees are more efficiently, more effective, and happier when they are surrounded by natural elements.

Invest in your business. Invest in commercial landscaping!

Want to learn more about the benefits of Commercial Landscaping Services in Severna Park? Call Evergreen Gene’s today at 410.766.6877. You can also find us on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Google+.

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