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Commercial Landscaping in Ferndale

Commercial Landscaping Ferndale

The benefits of commercial landscaping are extensive, but the biggest benefit of commercial landscaping is what you see: aesthetic appeal.

Spring has sprung here in Ferndale, Maryland, but if you haven’t invested the time and money in your commercial landscape, you won’t reap the benefits of this colorful season. But more than that, you won’t reap the benefits of good curb appeal either. According to studies, as much as 70% of first-time sales at restaurants, retail shops, lodging facilities, and attractions come from curb appeal, which includes your storefront and, of course, landscaping.

When you own a business, first impressions matter. Period. And your landscape is often the first thing your potential customers see, thus playing a large role in first impressions.

The Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

The benefits of commercial landscaping are extensive, but the biggest benefit of commercial landscaping is what you see: aesthetic appeal. Everyone appreciates an attractive business: employees and customers. A well-groomed and maintained landscape can vastly improve the curb appeal of your business and help attract customers. They will see your lush landscape as a sign that your business is also growing and thriving. Conversely, a desolate, depressing landscape can send potential customers running for the hills. If you don’t care enough to maintain your landscape – your business – what confidence will customers have that you care enough to best meet their needs?

Hiring a commercial landscaping professional cam help ensure your business always looks its best, keeping existing and potential customers coming back for more, which will only further boost profits. According to researchers at Harvard, increasing repeat visits by just 5% can boost profits anywhere from 25-125%.

Commercial Landscaping in Ferndale

At Evergreen Gene’s, our commercial landscaping services, which include landscape design, new plantings, and continued maintenance, are carried out by experienced crews. Regardless of the size of your commercial property, we will provide expert services that will leave your business looking beautiful.

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