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Caring for your Herb Garden

Herb-GardenFresh herbs are a great ingredient to add to a number of different dishes throughout the year. Use the herbs as soon as they have been picked or dry them to use later in the year when they are no longer in season. While almost everyone likes to use some type of herb in their kitchen, they aren’t necessarily sure how to grow them on their own. However, an herb garden is a great way to continue the use of fresh herbs without the hefty grocery store price tag. Here are some tips on caring for your herb garden.

Starting your Herb Garden

When you make the decision to begin a herb garden, choose seeds that of herbs that you use most often. Begin by planting the seeds in small pots and keep them indoors to help the growing process start. Once you have some growth, transfer your plants outdoors after your last frost. Start by creating a hole that is the same depth at the spot, but at least twice as wide. Be sure to loosen any circling roots before covering with soil and watering.

Maintaining your Herb Garden

Herbs tend to grow with more flavors if they are kept more dry than wet. With that being said, consider the type of soil and climate the herbs are being kept in outdoors before creating a watering schedule. Soil that loses moisture quickly will need a bit more water than those kept in soil that maintains moisture and sees rain more frequently. You should also take care as to not over fertilize your herbs to avoid lack of flavor and growth. Be sure to regularly check for weed growth and prune away any dead stems or leaves to ensure healthy growth.

Start your Herb Garden with Evergreen Gene’s

At Evergreen Gene’s we will help you salvage your vegetable garden. Visit our garden center to pick up necessary items like top soil and compost to help you save your vegetable garden. If you have any gardening questions, make sure to ask one of our trained employees. Our staff is knowledgeable of all products sold in the garden center to better assist you.

Visit Evergreen Gene’s in Glen Burnie to help care for your vegetable garden today or call us with any of your questions at (410)-766-6877. You can also use our online contact form here.

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