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Bugs in the Garden: Good or Bad?

Bugs-in-the-gardenIf you ask almost anyone who has a garden about bugs, almost everyone will tell you that bugs in the garden is bad. Bugs in the garden can only mean damaged plants and unsalvageable crops.

Right? Wrong!

While some bugs in the garden are in fact bad for your plants, other bugs in the garden are actually beneficial, and should be left alone. However, it can be hard to distinguish which bugs in the garden are good and which are bad. For this reason, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of bugs that could find their way into your garden.

Good Bugs in the Garden

  • Rove beetle: These small, slender brown bugs seek out decaying matter, like leaves and vegetables that have fallen as well as dung and compost piles. They also feed of off flies, fleas, and mites, which make them beneficial for your garden.
  • Lady beetle: These bright red insects, also known as lady bugs, are always welcomed in a garden. Aside from their colorful appearance, the lady beetle will also feed on aphids, which can be harmful to plants. They are attracted by gardens with vegetables because of the presence of aphids.

Bad Bugs in the Garden

  • Earwig: These long and flat insects are attracted to decaying matter, similar to that of a rove beetle. However, these insects will also feed on healthy plants and crops, making them bugs to avoid leaving in your garden. Keep your garden free of dead matter to best deter these insects from coming back.
  • Mexican bean beetle: Similar to appearance with the lady beetle, this copper colored insect is one of the most infamous pests of the garden. These beetles tend to be most attracted to legume crops and will feed off of leaves, leaving them extremely damaged. If you wish to plant legume plants, choose those that will harvest quickly to avoid attracting the insects.


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