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Biggest Landscaping Trends For 2018

Get your yard ready for the biggest landscaping trends of 2018!

Get your yard ready for the biggest landscaping trends of 2018!

A new year means new landscaping trends! Landscaping styles often change from year to year, and 2018 is no different. If you can’t wait to start gardening and working in your yard this year, take a look at some of the most prominent landscaping trends for this year!

Small Gardens

While some may think there’s little to do for small yards- it’s not true! Gardeners are determined to make even the smallest amount of space useful and functional for every type of home. Small gardens aren’t a brand new trend, of course, but the way they are being used is evolving with the times. People are taking on the “less is more” aesthetic, and working with whatever space they have. For example, plants in small containers is a trend that shows off the color, structure, and texture of flowers by taking up a minimal amount of space.

Outdoor Dining

While most outdoor dining spaces are located right off the house on a small patio or deck, 2018 trends show that the dining spaces are being moved further back in the yard to open up the space. While it may take a few extra steps to bring food from the home to the dining space, it’ll be worth it when you realize how much of a difference it makes. By moving the patio further away from home, it allows you and your guests to feel as though you are in a magical garden, surrounded by your landscape. With lights, plants, special flooring, and luxurious furniture, you’ll feel as though you’re at a beautiful outdoor cafe rather than your backyard!

Local Handcrafted Pieces

2018 will be a comeback year for local, handcrafted items- especially for gardens! While it’s common to get swept up in the mass-produced products we see everywhere, make a new year’s resolution to look out for handcrafted structures from local artisans. In addition to supporting local businesses, you’ll also receive unique structures that are so different than anything else on the market. The detail and time put into handcrafted pieces cannot be matched by mass-produced structures, and are rightfully a huge trend for this year!


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