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The Benefits of Professional Landscape Design

Landscape DesignPicture a house or a business on an empty dirt lot. Everything that is not there—grass, trees, flower beds, shrubs, bushes, trees, stone walls, decorative fencing, and brick patio—is a product of landscape design.

Why does it make sense to hire a professional for landscape design?

  1. Professional know-how. Think about all the elements of landscape design—all of the items that make a yard an enjoyable, aesthetic space rather than an empty lot. Yes, it is very possible to design the landscape yourself, but a well-qualified landscape design professional can consider a surprising number of details: Where is the best place to make a shady spot? How can we arrange these trees so they lead the eye to that granite bench?
  2. Connections. A landscape design professional has them. True, so do you—but your LinkedIn contacts probably can’t point you to a cobblestone supplier, a reasonable source for quality holly bushes, somebody with a Bobcat, or a place to get high-quality bark mulch. A landscape design professional probably knows all these people and more—he has worked with them on multiple jobs.
  3. Cost. You will spend some money on professional landscape design. But you will spend it once. A landscape design professional can help you create and execute a vision for your outdoor space. The result is something that you may enjoy as long as you own your property. Additionally, a landscape design professional knows how to nurture the chosen vegetation for your property to ensure a long life.
  4. Time. A landscape design professional will spend a lot of time on your outdoor space. Designing a scheme, choosing stone and brick, selecting a compelling mix of perennials and annuals—these tasks are time-consuming, and if you have anything in common with every other adult in this day and age, then you don’t have a lot of time. Let a professional handle your landscape design, and keep your time for yourself.
  5. Expertise. A landscape design professional knows thing that you don’t—the plants that thrive in your climate, the colors that complement each other, when to plant seed grass and when to use sod, how many cubic yards of mulch covers 1/8 acre, and how much to water a newly-planted bush. A landscape design project includes countless decisions, and its for them to be made by somebody with a certain level of expertise—a landscape design professional.
  6. Relaxation. When you higher a landscape design professional, you know your yard is in good hands. You can put your feet up and watch the yard you’ll enjoy take shape.

Are you convinced? Or at least interested? At Evergreen Genes, we consider ourselves landscape design professionals, and we should—we’ve been in the business since 1954. We make the best outdoor spaces, great and small, simple and complex. Come see us in Glen Burnie; we’re located at 401 Crain Highway South. Give us a call at 410-766-6877; we’re always happy to talk to you!

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