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Benefits Of School Gardens For Students

It's important for kids to know the importance of being involved with the school garden.

It’s important for kids to know the importance of being involved with the school garden.

As kids grow up in a world ruled by technology and spend less and less time outdoors, they are losing the important connection all humans should have with nature and the Earth. As school starts up again this fall, talk with your kids about the importance of them being involved with the school garden. Or, if your child’s school doesn’t have a school garden, talk to their teachers about principal about the many benefits that gardens have for students.

Connection with Nature

Having a strong connection with nature is so important today, especially with all the climate issues our world is experiencing. Working in a garden can teach kids about water and energy cycles, the food chain, and to learn about the living creatures and plants in the garden. When they feel a connection to those living organisms they may have never thought about before, they will care about everything that impacts the plant’s future. Children can also have a first-hand experience of how humans impact the environment and will learn how important conservation is to protect the environment.

Learning opportunities

Gardens are very important for students because they offer hands-on learning experiences across multiple school subjects, including social sciences, math, language arts, visual arts, and nutrition. Gardening allows kids to have a creative outlet at school and provides a different way of teaching science and math that may resonate more with them. In fact, there is evidence that students who participate in school gardening actually score significantly higher on standardized science achievement tests.


Health and nutrition education may be the most important topic that all children should be learning, but is often overlooked in schools. There is a major problem in the U.S. concerning food deserts (areas without grocery stores nearby, so families rely on convenience stores with little to no healthy options available.) Gardening can show children how to grow sustainable healthy foods and will teach them the nutritional benefits and importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Evidence shows that learning about healthy foods in a participatory space like gardens transforms kid’s eating habits, especially when the school offers a healthy lunch program or further nutritional education.


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