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The Benefits of Hardscaping

Evergreen Gene's HardscapingHardscaping is basically the use of non-living objects in your landscape.  These objects can be stones, wood, fountains, concrete or any other material you can imagine.  While your landscape is beautiful and charming, hardscaping can add to the beauty and accessibility of your yard.  Hardscaping also creates a balance with the living components of your yard.  The combination of stones or fountains with a lush garden can bring the aesthetic beauty of your landscape to a whole new level. 

Hardscaping can result in almost anything you can imagine.  From walkways to fire pits, hardscapes can extend your living space out into your yard.  At Evergreen Gene’s we can help you embrace your imaginative spirit to create the hardscape of your dreams.

Fortunately, there are also other benefits to hardscaping other than the aesthetically pleasing look and feel of your land.  In addition to having the best looking yard in the neighborhood, you will also reap rewards you may not think of.

Maintenance Costs Are Lower 

Once a hardscape is installed, it requires little to no maintenance.  You do not need to provide nutrients or water for a stone walkway.  The hardscape takes up land that was previously in need of care and attention.  Say your grass dies and you need to go buy seed or fertilizer to help the regrowth.  That just cost you money for upkeep of your lawn.  If the hardscape takes up some of your lawn, the potential costs for the rest of the yard are decreased as well because there is less square footage for a potential issue to arise.

Increase Property Value

A lawn’s aesthetic appeal can increase a property’s value.  The polished look a hardscape gives a property attracts attention.  The look of a property from the outside can draw potential buyers in, if you are selling.  The aesthetics of a hardscape bring up the perceived value of your property.

Prevents Erosion

The addition of stones and concrete can prevent the erosion of your lawn.  If your property has slopes or is uneven a hardscape can prevent the water and wind from reaching the slope to cause erosion.

Added Accessibility

Having a stone path can allow you to easily and more frequently access space in your yard that you may have not visited previously.  This added accessibility can lead to more social interaction outdoors.

We at Evergreen Gene’s are here to help you realize your hardscaping dreams.  We want to make sure you are happy with you outdoor space and can use the space in the way you wish to. 

If you would like help with realizing the full potential of your yard or have any questions we may answer for you, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 410-766-6877 or visit or website.

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