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Beneficial Bugs for your Summer Garden

bugs that help your gardenAfter spending countless hours in your garden, the last thing you wish to find are insects. But before you start squashing every insect you see, stop and consider if they are really out to cause harm to your plants. Contrary to popular belief, there are some insects that are beneficial to have in your garden. Of course, there are plenty of insects that are out to devour your plants, but there are other insects waiting to devour the pests.

Some of the best insects to find inhabiting your garden are:

  1. Assassin Bug- Groups of these bugs enjoy feeding on plenty of pests like beetles and caterpillars. Don’t try moving these bugs because they tend to have a nasty bite.
  2. Praying Mantis- These insects not only blend in with your garden, but eat anything they can get a hold of.
  3. Damsel Bug- While adult damsel bugs feed on insects like caterpillars and aphids, their nymphs are feeding on the eggs of the pests.
  4. Syrphid Fly- Don’t fret, these aren’t bees. These flies will crawl along leaves, including the curled ones, eating aphids. They also help pollinate flowers.
  5. Lady Beetle- These colorful insects help by feeding on scale insects, mealy bugs, and mites. Their larvae feed on pests just like the adult bugs, so make sure to keep these bugs around.

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