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Annuals: How to Make Them Bloom

annuals in a beautiful garden

Gardeners love annuals because they give a landscape bright and beautiful colors for an entire season.

Gardeners love annuals because they give a landscape bright and beautiful colors for an entire season.  For a long time, the choices in annuals were limited. Now fast forward to 2020, and there are a variety of eye-popping options. There are many ways to make the most out of annuals. Whether you’re adding some diversity to your perennial garden or creating a window box, you can benefit from adding this type of flower to your garden. Here’s a guide on annuals and how to make them bloom. 

Each Plant Has a Different Need and Serves a Different Purpose

Of course, when you’re cultivating a garden, aesthetics first come into play for a lot of beginner landscapers. What’s common among beginner landscapers and experts is that they both want a beautiful garden. However, you also have to be careful about what flower you choose. Expert gardeners understand this. Some annuals need shade while others bloom better in the sun. It’s excellent when you know what climate you’re dealing with, and where the sunny/shady spots in your yard are. 

Another consideration is the height of the flower. It’s very manageable to display a small plant because pruning doesn’t take a lot of work. A snip here and there will keep short annuals neatly showcased. With that in mind, fully-blooming annuals are still a favorite among garden enthusiasts. If you pick annual flowers that bloom at maximum capacity, young bushy plants without flowers acclimate better to gardens than potted plants or plants that will seed.

Plant Annuals Right Away

These particular flowers have this name because, as it sounds, they only come out once a year. Therefore, you indeed want to start planting them before they wither away. Planting this type of plant right away gives them time to adjust to the landscape while they’re young and blooming. You also water the plants right away as well and make sure that they don’t outgrow their pot. 

Water Annuals Regularly

Because these plants don’t have deep root systems, it’s crucial to water them regularly, so they don’t experience extreme drought. If you notice that any of the leaves continue to stay crisp and dry, then you can cut them off and start over.

If you’re interested in adding annuals to your garden, then give us the call. We’re landscaping experts that would be more than happy to help you create an outdoor oasis. 


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