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Adding Color to Your Winter Landscape

Fresh white snow can look beautiful, but it’s a shame it covers the colors in our landscape. Find out how to bring bright colors back to your yard.

Fresh white snow can look beautiful, but it’s a shame it covers the colors in our landscape. Find out how to bring bright colors back to your yard.

Many homeowners put a great deal of time and effort into creating a beautiful lawn with lovely flower gardens. They choose plants and shrubs that bloom from early spring, throughout the summer, and even into autumn. Such a landscape is quite enjoyable for a good part of the year. But after the first frost arrives and all the blooms are gone, how can you keep your landscape beautiful and colorful?


Flowering quince is a good choice because it is a very low maintenance plant. It has beautiful blossoms all winter and grows up to 8 feet wide.

Boxwoods are favorites among gardeners. They are hardy shrubs that can be trimmed in a variety of shapes which will add interest to your landscape.

Although you might think witch hazel is something you have in a bottle in your medicine cabinet, it is also a shrub. It can grow quite large, so you will need to have plenty of room for it. But you will want it in your garden because of its bright red or yellow flowers.


The winterberry tree lives up to its name. The bright red berries on this tree will brighten up those dreary gray days of winter. Many times it is used as a specimen plant, growing 18-24 feet tall.

The Chinese plum tree (also called Japanese apricot tree) is a delightful addition to your garden. Its delicate pink or white flowers are commonly called plum blossoms. They appear in late winter and are quite fragrant.


Artemisia grows well in Maryland gardens. There are many varieties so you can choose from silvery gray, bluish green to bright green, and all of them produce small white flowers.

Nandina is another option to add color to your garden. It has glossy leaves, white flowers, and red berries. It has everything you could want for winter interest and comes in several colors and varieties.


Snowdrops get their name because they bloom in late winter, often when there is still snow on the ground. Their white bell-shaped flowers are great additions to rock gardens.

The Christmas rose isn’t really a rose, but it does have beautiful flowers. It is an evergreen with large flowers that bloom from December until early spring.


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