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A House on a Hill — Pro Tips for Landscaping on Hills

landscaping on a hill

Landscaping on a hill can be a challenge — but a challenge that we can climb together.

Having a house on a hill can be a bit of a blessing and a curse wrapped into one. On the one hand, it can look quite nice to have your home perched majestically on a hilltop or hillside. On the other, more inconvenient hand, hills can be a huge pain when it comes to landscaping. Well we have good news! Your landscaping professionals at Evergreen Gene’s are here with some handy information about landscaping on a hill.

Erosion Control

If your hillside has poor drainage or a loose top layer of soil, you could be facing serious erosion problems, which will, in time, harm the stability of your hill. This can be managed in a multitude of ways, ranging from adding plants whose roots will stabilize the hill to tiering your hill or adding retaining walls. The section below will offer some ideas to counter erosion and more!

Hillside Landscaping Ideas

Planting: Plants serve a wide variety of function in landscaping, hilly or not, and beauty is just scratching the surface. Aside from looking good, an appropriate mixture of trees, shrubs, groundcover, and perennials will (a) deflect the force of rainwater hitting the ground so as not to loosen or disturb the soil, and (b) secure much of the top part of soil with their roots — both qualities that will assist in preventing erosion.

Terracing/Tiering: Depending on the size and grade of your slope, digging into your hill a little bit and adding hardscaped retaining walls, or just adding the retaining walls without digging, can create manageable sections of your landscape that are significantly less likely to erode. This will also create a whole new realm of possibilities for your landscaping, such as utilizing contrasting elements on different tiers.

Paths/Stairs: If your hill is seriously steep, or just difficult to traverse, hardscaping elements like paths or stairs will assist in that, as well as provide access to whatever plants you choose to plant nearby.

Of course, every hill is different. If you have questions or concerns about your hill, or would like our help with landscaping on a hill, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Landscaping on a Hill with Evergreen Gene’s

Evergreen Gene’s offers professional landscape maintenance services throughout Maryland. Our services include mowing, raking, sodding, fertilizing, mulching, pruning, and so much more. With our help, your landscape will look its best year-round.

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