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5 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Check out these five tips for winter lawn care.

Check out these five tips for winter lawn care.

While you may be able to abandon the mower for the winter season, it doesn’t mean there isn’t still lawn work to be done. Most of your winter lawn care can be completed within a weekend, but it will help ensure that come spring, your landscape is beautiful and green. As you start getting your supplies together it’s important to remember that there are still winter lawn hazards to consider, we’ve covered many of them in further detail in previous blog posts.  

Aerate Your Lawn

One of the best things you can do for your lawn this winter is to aerate it. If you have access to a manual or motorized aerator, it can help make the process easier. A simple spade will also do the trick. The goal is to create small holes in the grass and dirt to help make space that allows the roots to breathe, prevents overcrowding, and reduces the effects of soil compaction.  


Once you’ve finished aerating, use a spreading tool to evenly distribute fertilizer across the entire lawn in an even fashion. As you begin to fertilize, make sure to take note of the directions on the package, using too much can result in burns to your grass.

Spread Cool Weather Seed Mix

When your lawn is fully aerated and fertilized, you can use the same spreading tool to distribute a layer of cold weather grass seed evenly across the yard. This will help fill in any empty patches and allow your lawn to start coming up sooner in spring.

Stay Off It

Once the ground has frozen over it’s important to stay off your lawn as much as possible. If you are walking through your yard, try to stick to paving stones or use a different route each time. When roots and grass blades are frozen, they can become delicate and more prone to breakage.

Keep It marked

One of the many risks to your lawn and landscaping is the metal edges of shovels and plows. Before the first heavy snow of winter, you should place markers along your driveway, pathways, and any hardscaping. Not only will this make it easier for you to shovel but it will ensure that no chunks are accidentally taken out of your lawn.


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