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5 Reasons Native Plants Are So Valuable

Native Plants Evergreen Gene's, Inc.

Goldenrods are native plants in Maryland

One of the most popular and exciting trends in home gardening and landscaping is native plants’ use, rather than using some of the more traditional gardening choices (most of which were introduced by Europeans when they came to America). Native plants were here before European settlers brought the non-native, often invasive species with them. Often gardeners that choose to cultivate native species in their yards focus on those native to their immediate area. Still, some use species that are native to any room in North America. In either case, the benefits of cultivating native species are fantastic. 

Conservation Efforts

Native plants have adapted to the area, so they are excellent choices for water and soil conservation issues. They are well-built to help hold the soil in place and keep rainwater and runoff from becoming a significant issue.

Less Maintenance

Native plants are resistant to drought, disease, and many pests since they have developed specifically for this area. You don’t have to consider many of the maintenance tasks you would have to do for a non-native plant. Many native plants also naturally crowd out weeds, so you can even spend less time weeding. 

Plant Diversity

Since native plants are the ones that naturally grow in an area, you won’t have to worry about the plant taking over, starving out other species, or having no usefulness for local fauna. There are a plethora of species to choose from, and all of them are useful and beneficial. Choosing to plant them in your yard can help decrease other invasive species’ foothold that could kill local species and limit natural diversity. 

Wildlife Habitats

The local animals, insects, and wildlife will also benefit from planting native species on your property. Why? Because these native plants are the ones that the local wildlife already know and can use for shelter or food. The local insect and animal wildlife you can attract are among the most significant benefits of planting native species for many gardeners. 

Versatile Plants

Native plants are hardy and long-lived, mostly because they already naturally grow in your area. There are many different species of native plants that you could cultivate for just about any growing situation, from dry landscapes to bogs and full sun to full shade. There are even native plant nurseries, where you can find the perfect plant, shrub, or tree to meet your needs and get all your questions answered. 


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