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5 Heat-Loving Plants for Summer


Black-eyed susan’s are a common site to Marylanders. Their ability to bear the summer heat, and deer’s disinterest, make them a great summer garden flower.

July is officially here and the summer heat is in full swing. While you’re sitting inside hiding from the heat surrounded by cool, conditioned air, your poor plants are outside sweltering. Some of them may not make it through the summer without a large amount of TLC. Other plants can beat the heat and last all summer with minimal upkeep. Here are a few things to include in your garden if you want flowering plants all summer long.

  • Black-eyed Susan: There’s a reason the black-eyed susan has been Maryland’s official state flower for almost 100 years. The well-known yellow flower is a common sight in gardens around the state because they are easy to grow and usually ignored by deer.
  • Madagascar Periwinkle: The round, five petalled flower are white to dark pink with a darker center. It has a flowering period from spring to autumn, so you can enjoy it for longer than other plants in your garden.
  • Verbena: Resembling a pinkish-purple version of baby’s breath, this spikey ornamental plant requires eight to 10 hours of sun a day. The perennial variety of this plant is better suited to grow in Maryland’s humid climate.
  • Zinnia: These colorful flowers share bloodlines with sunflowers and daisies. Their natural habitat is the Southwestern United States, so a Maryland summer shouldn’t be too much of a problem for them. Their flower’s color can be white, yellow, orange, red, purple, or lilac.
  • Angelonia Angustifolia: Sorry Harry Potter fans, this one just sounds like a spell used to bring your plants to life. These perennials’ soft stems can grow up to 18 inches and have violet to blue flowers. Angelonia angustifolia grows well in temperate climates, but thrives in hot and humid places.

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